Sunday, August 31, 2008

Street Fred

Adam Isgreen with backpackLegendary game designer, and long time personal nemesis, Adam Isgreen posted this picture on Facebook a few weeks ago. I made the following comment:
I still have that bag. I used it instead of my 20 year old Tumi one when I came out here for my interview, because I felt it lent me industry street fred!
You may think Adam was poking fun of a typo when he responded with:
It's the perfect carry-on bag when I'm not taking a laptop. Street fred is very important!
However, I will now reveal that it wasn't a typo, but rather a closely guarded secret of game designers.Street Fred

Have you ever wondered where we get our game design ideas? Amazing imaginations combined with blood, sweat and tears?

No. We get them from Street Fred.

And you know, A civil war era, FPS-MMO would totally rock!

"You get better at standing in a line while people shoot at you (+4)!"

"Alright! I got my medic up to level 20! Now I can saw your leg off!"

Thanks to Tim Colwill, whose girlfriend can totally kick your ass in Guitar Hero, for the rendition of Street Fred.

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