Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Online Soccer Champions AKA Interzone Futebol

It looks like Big Collision Games aka Interzone Entertainment is launching Online Soccer Champions aka Interzone Futebol in "closed beta." So they claim anyway, knowing what I know about the state of the game when it was ripped from the servers at the Perth studio and what it takes to actually make a game, I have serious doubts they have anything worth playing actually running.

The video and screen shots they have released are really telling. The video is only kind of labeled Online Soccer Champions, as it clearly has the Interzone Futebol and Interzone games logo all over it with only some shots re-branded as "Online Soccer Champions." It actually appears to be the exact same video from last year just re-cut with some Photoshop work. Same goes for the screenshots they have on their site.

Nick Lowe, my friend and former college at the closed Interzone Games studio in Perth, has the latest news on his blog where you can read the latest, sad update on the nefarious Interzone saga. The links to the various sites where you can also find the video and screenshots I mentioned are also on his site for you to check out after reading the sad state of affairs that is going on.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Highborn Video Trailer & More!

The game has been out for a week now and still doing pretty good. I expect another bump as some more reviews come out. Here is another great review from The Portable Game just came out last night and another one from 148 Apps just came out a few minutes ago.

I also posted another Developer Diary that talks about why we didn't include an Undo Feature in Highborn, and what we are going to try and implement to compensate for that. It also talks about a few other things we are working on for the game.

We also have this wonderful review that was posted about the game in Apple's App Store:Highborn App Store reviewHighborn iPhone token examplesFinally I want to post this sneak peek at some of the tokens we are redoing for the iPad version of Highborn. We are increasing the scale of the game by 150%, notice that isn't the standard doubling. The new scale allows you to see more of the maps and still have bigger squares to touch. The original tokens from the iPhone are above, and the new ones for the iPad are below.Highborn iPad token examples

Monday, June 07, 2010

Highborn doing GREAT!

Supposing you haven't been following me on Twitter or Facebook, Highborn is indeed out and doing great! We have gotten some wonderful reviews!
5 out of 5

Highborn by Jet Set Games is a fantasy turn-based tactical strategy and combines some of the best aspects of the genre's top alumni with a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek comedy. The creators aren't above a bit of fourth-wall action and bless them, they've even included the infamous Wilhelm scream - if that can't win you over, then you might be a bit dead on the inside.
-App Spy
And in response to somebody, whose name I won't mention, that said my dialog was overdone and hurting the game:
When characters clash the banter that results is consistently hilarious and peppers the 9 campaign missions with easily some of the best dialogue we've seen on the platform.

A Marriage of Winning TBS and High Fantasy Parody!

-Touch Arcade

Highborn has been steady rising in the various iStore charts. It is in the 70's for Top Paid App, 40's for Top Paid Game, and holding steady at #8 Strategy Game. I even expect those numbers to go up as more reviews are published. We are submitting our first patch today and I just got done filming a video podcast that talks about things we are working on for the game. I have a Developer Diary that will go up with that as well as soon as Sarah proof reads it for me.

Oh and I just found out that Highborn is TUAW's Daily App today while everybody is reading about the iPhone 4G! Score!

Joseph, you've just put out a really good iPhone game. Now what are you going to do?

I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! Anybody know of any good augmented reality iPhone apps for Disneyland?