Saturday, October 13, 2012

Walking Dead on eBay

When I sold my comic collection (documented a couple of posts ago) I said I was keeping my Walking Dead issues so that I could sell them on eBay.

Season 3 of the AMC Walking Dead TV show starts tomorrow. Season three has them arriving at the prison and introduces fan favorite characters Michonne and the Governor. This is the point in the story where the comic series really took off and it is expected that the TV series' popularity will increase even more. I figured now was the time to sell them.

I've very little experience on eBay  I've bought a few things, and by that I mean three. I've never sold anything on the site.  I did some research and watched a similar eBay auction that ended a few days ago. He had 1-70, started the auction at $1000, and sold it for about $2500.

My run is 1-2, 4-5, and 7-58 and I started the bidding at $800. Not as many issues, but most of the later, more recent ones, aren't the ones that are worth lots of money. Here is the link to my auction on eBay.

Pricing out my issues on Comic's Price Guide Online at a 8.0 condition they come out to $2,006.20 and at a 9.4 condition they add up to $2,864.00. I listed the notable issues on my eBay auction, but be warned it contains major spoilers such as the deaths of some major characters.

I didn't realize what a pain the butt it would be to take these pictures. The iPhone camera warped them way too much and lucky I was able to borrow a real camera from Lauren, my friend Eric#1's daughter. Even then I still spent most of the day trying to get the pictures to come out decent. It didn't help that it was overcast and I couldn't get that nice ambient light from the window. I also had a problem with my reflection on the bag which you can see on issue #48 above. It makes it look like the comic is warped or something.

By the way, the walking dead are the main characters in the story, not the zombies. Think about it.