Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Web Site is Gone

Just found out that www.joseph.hewitt.org is coming up as "This site is under construction." It's really bad too, because the graphic they used looks like it was drawn to be displayed on a white background and the page is black.

The site used to be my resume website but I changed the main URL to say that I have a blog now and point to here. But I do host some things there, like some pictures and the Resume and History link on the menu down the right. They both come up as page not found. I just updated the resume and was in the process of updating the Personal History so I know it was working last week. The email address I host there still works and my account shows it isn't due until the middle of next year.

Hamster Powered ComputerMaybe the Hampster running the server is just taking a breather. I originally got the site through Net Identity, but they are now owned by TuCows. Its going to be UnCow if all the stuff I had up on their server is gone because I'm going to have a cow. Anyway, I put in a customer service ticket and I apologize if any pictures or links from the blog are now not working.

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