Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ain't it Gory

The following is a reposting of what I just wrote on Westwood's facebook page:

Here is an old Westwood game I am sure you have never heard of. I wasn't actually sure it was ever released until I was sent this video yesterday by Brian. My faulty memory remembers it haven been shelved, but then sometime afterwards I heard that some other company was interested in picking it up and publishing it. I'll try to remember to ask Louis or Brett next time I see them.

Most of the artwork was done by the late, great Rick Parks. It was all orginally done in EGA on the PC and just ported to the Apple IIgs. I still don't think the PC version ever came out. I know I did some work on it, but honestly can't remember what exactly. I remember we had a lot of goofy fun picking the name before settling on Ancient Glory. Everybody internally called it "Ain't it Gory."