Monday, February 07, 2011

Joseph Hewitt - Dangerous Assassin!

In Conspiracy on the PlayStation Home, we have a large screen that cycles through some game-based propaganda screens. Just some ad-like pictures for some of the corporations in the game. Danny created the wanted screen below with my name and image. I thought it was hilarious.

Propaganda Wanted Joseph

The other day we were hanging around in the Volcano Base, the public hub of the game, and managed to witness the following conversation.

Joseph Hewitt Assassin PSHome

DrJeanGreY: name two types of technolgies they make
wildswagg345: hey wats gud
DrJeanGreY: any of the technologies in the slide show would have been correct
DrJeanGreY: the guns
jaylive1234: =( (3
DrJeanGreY: battle suites
DrJeanGreY: nano tech
DrJeanGreY: all of that
DrJeanGreY: finally..
Kendahl: samus aran
DrJeanGreY: the name of the fugitive who is wanted by I.C.I
PuertoRicenGirl: what that mean?
DrJeanGreY: His name is Joseph Hewitt...
DrJeanGreY: And he is a dangerous assassin
jaylive1234: ****
RAWDABOSS: get from behind me
DrJeanGreY: that we will be targeting in the coming missions
DrJeanGreY: come
aussie554: i love the way you walk jean
aussie554: lolz
Kendahl: ^^ ME 2