Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello Reddit

Every once in awhile I've made a comment on a Westwood related post on Reddit. I usually get a few comments or private messages asking me to do an AMA (Ask Me Anything). I kept saying that I would and kept putting it off. Recently a friend started berating me about it and if nothing more than to get them to shut up, I'm doing it.

Now, as you will remember, I've done a lot of work with time travel in the (relative) past. Here is the LINK to the Reddit AMA though as if this writing it isn't there yet. Once I finish this here post on the blog, I'll post the AMA on Reddit, then travel back in time to tell myself what the URL of the Reddit post will be and... hang on, somebody is at the door... Okay, that was me at the door with the URL.

Now that is all taken care of I have to go and remind myself to bring myself something to eat when I come back in time, because the future me forgot this time. Or will that cause all sort of continuity problems?

Another future self just arrived with lunch and told me to move my post to IAMA (I Am A) and I did so. Link was updated.