Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where's the Beef!?

Where's the BeefI did it again. I forgot that in Australia ‘Burger’ means anything on bun and it has absolutely nothing to do with it including any actual hamburger.

The first month of moving to Australia over four years ago I ordered a “Bacon Burger” and was surprised to find that they forgot the ‘burger.’ Except that they didn’t forget, Bacon Burger means bacon on a bun.

Today I went to what I was told is “The best hamburger place in Western Australia.” I was really looking forward to this, because a lot of places that claim to sell hamburgers, actually sell meatloaf on a bun. Meatloaf as in not 100% beef hamburgers with lots of breading. Yuck.

Anyway, “Was it the best hamburger place in Western Australia?” you ask.

I have no idea because I ordered a “something Bonanza Burger,” don’t remember the exact name. It was described as a bacon burger with egg and cheese. Sure sounded good. But as you have probably guessed it was just bacon, egg and cheese on a bun. Basically I had breakfast.

BilSo, if you happen to be in Perth, Western Australia and feel like having a hamburger. Stop by Bilby's at 2/64 Davies Road in Claremont. Just please let me know how it was.


Anonymous said...

Fatburger or In and Out await you!!!

Capn John said...

Sorry my former countrymen keep tricking you, but Aussie Fish & Chip shops really do make good Hamburgers. Just make sure you ask for a hamburger w/ bacon & cheese, not a bacon cheeseburger ;)

Or forget the hamburger. Get yourself a minimum order of chips, a couple of pieces of Flake (Whiting is good, too), and 3 or 4 Fried Dim Sims. You're not going to eat most of the chips, just make sure you get the crispiest ones, they're the best. A little bit of salt, no vinegar (unless you like malt vinegar) and you're set.

Damn it! I just drooled all over my keyboard!

Anonymous said...

The burger name was 'Bonza Breaky'. As it's name implys it's a breakfast burger. :P

Next time grab the 'King Pin'. Basically their normal burger plus the breaky burger in one bun. :)