Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Socks

Years ago I decided that was it with the whole separating laundry thing. I had enough of it. I threw away all my white clothes except my white athletic socks and decided to just wash everything together in cold water. Being a bit giddy with the success of this plan, I went one step further and decided to buy all new socks and underwear and threw them all out. Well, except the pair I had on, because I just didn't think Target was the place to be going commando. I may be wrong about that, but at the time that's the plan I decided on. There is no point in getting your panties in a bunch about it now.

So, I buy all new socks and underwear. For underwear I decided to make a break from the norm. I went with boxer briefs, the comfort of boxers with the support of briefs. Years later I can say it was a good choice. Now, dispite how much of this post has focused on my underwear so far, rest assured its really about the socks which I also bought a bunch of. I actually bought all identical socks which turned about to be another good idea. Its been great never having to match socks again.

This weekend I bought 27 pairs of new socks. They were three in a pack and if you bought 2 packs, you got 1 pack free. Plus my friend Zoe let me use her employee discount so they came out to about $2 dollars a pair. Score.

I decided to put the new socks right in the suitcase for the upcoming trip next wee and finish wearing out the old ones. I just can't describe the incredible feeling I get every night now. The heart pounding rush I get when I go to put my jammies on. I can just take my old socks off, and toss them right in the trash! I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

The lesson I think we should all learn from this is that I need to get out more.


Dave Rickey said...

For about a year when I lived in DC, I didn't do laundry. Not quite true, I did one load every month or so, mostly cargo shorts with a few club shirts. The why of this involves renting a room from a landlady who turned out to be literally crazy, as in "fine as long as she's on her meds" schizophrenic, and she was off her meds most of the time.

Anyway, I just bought socks, underwear, and t-shirts by the dozen for most of the year. I only recently needed to start buying new socks and underwear again, and I still have drawers full of colored t-shirts from Foot Locker, Britches, and anywhere else that was running a sale when I needed them. And that was 6 years ago.

Strangely enough, the shoe-store t-shirts tended to be much higher quality than Hanes or any other major brand.

There's no point to my story either.

Capn John said...

Quite a few years ago my older sister picked up a habit from her boyfriend who also made the decision never to bother matching his socks. Unlike you, he had many different socks. To this day my sister still wears odd socks, however, now she spends time each morning picking out which pair of socks she's going to wear.

"Orange and...purple? No, what about orange and green? That could work (unless you're Irish). Ooh, orange and blue! Yes!"

Sort of defeats the purpose of not pairing them up when you still take time choosing which socks to wear.

BugHunter said...

Several years ago I got fed up with matching socks too. There is a specific brand and style that costco sells, so I only throw them out when one is worn through. I can buy a new pack and they match up just perfect with the old ones. I think the decision added at least a couple of days to my life.

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

I loved the first socks I had bought but when I went back to Target the next time looking for more they didn't have them anymore.

The biggest problem I had when looking for new dark socks is that anything but plain socks either come in single packs and are expensive, or they come in packs of 3 where they aren't all the same. If I didn't think I'd get busted I would have re-arranged all the packs so that they each had 3 pairs of the same socks.

I just see me now in jail, "Don't mess with me man, I'm in for rearranging socks!"