Monday, February 02, 2009

Bendis must be made to pay!

Brian Michael BendisI blame Brian Michael Bendis. Not only that, but it’s his fault as well. Now, I know you have not yet committed yourself enough to this narrative to Google who the hell Brian Michael Bendis is, let alone put forth a ruckus demand for an explanation, but I’ll just carry through anyway.

So not much to do over Christmas Holidays last month. It’s the middle of the summer here and it’s hot. It’s hot like Vegas, but with that added touch of humidity to make sure the sweat sticks to you instead of just being wasted by dripping off and soaking the carpet. I’m holed up in my room, scrolling through the list of cable channels on the TV guide. I was fully intending to just stare endlessly at the myriad of shows sliding down the TV screen until I passed out and got some much needed sleep. But instead of a walk in stardust, I noticed… Okay it’s hard to admit this; because once I say it, it’s out there and I can’t take it back… I noticed that the Gilmore Girls was on.

Okay, let’s jump back a bit. Brian Michael Bendis has mentioned this show in the past. He’s a writer I like, you could even say a favorite writer. You still haven't Googled him so I’ll just toss out that he is a comic book writer. I am just going to give you a compliment by assuming the revelation of his medium did not drop your expectations of him; though, we are still on for this all being his fault. One of my secret little hobbies is to check out the things my favorite writers like. So, I watched an episode of the Gilmore Girls. Two, I watched two episodes of the Gilmore Girls. There were two episodes on, one after the other. Really it was just easier to keep it on that channel than exerting all that energy searching for the remote and changing the channel.

Now it’s a month later and it wasn’t when I found myself programming the cable box to record episodes that I realized I had a problem. It wasn’t even when I found myself obsessing about the fact that of the three episodes I was watching every week, they were from two different seasons and it was totally spoiling the flow of the overarching storyline.

It was today that I realized I had a problem. I stopped at Blockbuster on the way home from work knowing full well that I had a huge late fee. I went up to the counter, without even a female companion with whom I could pretend to be dating and only renting the DVDs at her insistence. It was right after convincing the girl behind said counter to look up when season one disc two was due back because they only had disc one and three. If you knew more about me, you wouldn’t be at all surprised by that. She wisely pointed out that people who rent disk two will probably be looking to rent disk three, and that I should rent disk three now and preempt them. That is when I realized that I had a problem.

So yeah, I’m sitting here and I just finished watching the whole season one disc one of Gilmore Girls. I'm already jonesing out that disc two isn't due back at Blockbusters till the end of the week. Brian Michael Bendis must be made to pay for this, because it is all his fault.


BugHunter said...

I followed you down the Serenity/Firefly rabbit hole, which was awesome, but this? No, not this. This time I must ask for you man card.

John may be by later to revoke some sort of Aussie cred.

Jason Hutchens said...

My wife has all the seasons on DVD if you want to borrow them. She watches the show with her sister, while I do man things.

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

Oh sure you offer, but you don't answer you cellphone. I only need season 1 disc 2. I even went by the Blockbuster today while taking some cloths to the charity drop off box, but its still not back.

I rented "Pineapple Express" instead. If you presented with the same opportunity, don't. It sucked big time.

Cap'n John's Blog said...

Bughunter is right. You need to at least imply that you're watching because you keep hoping for some steaming hot, girl-on-girl action (as incestuous as that may be with the Gilmore Girls), or because having intimate knowledge of the GG series will get you in with a Real Life girl. Either of those would be plausible reasons for watching.

Or if it's on before the Footy, and the remote is broken, and you can't be stuffed getting up to change the channel because you'll only have to get up again to change it back when the Footy is on. We'd accept that, too.

Officedemon said...

Someone else has discovered that the Gilmore Girls is the crack cocaine of television.... watching it on cable hooked me too

Of course I also own a copy of Baywatch season one