Sunday, February 22, 2009

Who Watches the Nachos?

Look what Tim drew for me!

The story behind the nachos is that when Tim was first switching over to being a Content Designer, Ellen had asked if he should be invited to the design meeting.

I said, "Sure, but he has to bring the nachos."

Tim failed to bring any nachos.

The next design meeting, I had this sambrao that I bought for one of Interzone's theme days, this one being "Mexican day" which may have also been Cinco de Mayo but probably not. I filled the rim of the hat with corn chips and brought along some salsa to show Tim that a proper design meeting has to nachos.


Tim said...

Truly I am the world's most awful Designer! I can only be thankful you kept me on in spite of my egregious nacho-related failings.

Cap'n John's Blog said...

I remember one of my first meetings with a client here in the U.S. not only did they just happen to have another Aussie on staff, but he'd been invited to the meeting, too. The client, in typical American fashion, had a large conference room with a counter along one wall where they had a pot of coffee and a couple of boxes of donuts.

I'd heard the other Aussie speak but as the meeting hadn't officially started and I'd been keeping mum, he naturally had no clue he wasn't the only Aussie in the room, until he got up to get a donut and politely asked if anyone else would like one.

"They got any of those jelly-filled ones, mate?" I asked him.

He started to reply, then stopped as his brain registered my accent and he turned and looked at me in surprise, before saying (with good humour, of course ;), "You can get your own bloody donut!"

It turned out he was from Perth, and when I said I was a Victorian he replied, in a typical Aussie manner, "Well I won't hold that against you."

Donuts, I'm familiar with, but Nachos at a design meeting? Now that's an interesting concept.