Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Last Gilmore Girls Post

Wow, season 7 of Gilmore Girls was completely off the mark. It was like all the characters were replaced by pod people who thought they were the real people, but if you looked real close you could see they were different. The plots and storylines were okay, but the execution wasn’t tuned. What was an entertaining show filled with interesting and eccentric characters became an annoying melodramatic parody of itself.

I just did some Googling of the show and found out that Amy and Daniel could not come to an agreement with the network and they left the show at the end of the sixth season. I’m not saying she was some creative genius, or that there is anything wrong with Dave the new guy in charge, but the change was noticeable and bad for the show. From the ratings of that last season it looks like I wasn’t the only one who noticed the problems.

Thank for nothing Bendis! Though, I did finally finish Secret Invasion so I can finally catch up on the Bendis Tapes at Word Balloon. Hmm, maybe I'll save them for the airplane trip. I also tried to register at Bendis' web site, Jinx World,so I could post on his forum, but they won't accept non-free email addresses such as and I don't want to use the address anymore.


Liza said...

I've decided to add you to my blogroll at my new online project - :) Link should be up sometime tomorrow.

It was nice seeing you at dinner, I'm always sad when people leave but when you said you were leaving that's when it finally kind of hit me, like - "Whoa, this is it."

It's sad :(

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

My God woman, how many blogs can one person have. Though I like the name and premise of this one, I think it's got potential. I'll put it on my list and pop by often.

Liza said...

This one's really it! I'm telling you (hah, then again I thought the last one was 'really it'). But I've already put too much work into this one to just put it aside. If I decide that it's not something I want to continue with I'll sell the site instead of just leaving it there :).