Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodbye Interzone

CannoliI just got back from my Interzone going away dinner. I was bit overwhelmed by it all and I had this lump in my throat the whole time. I think I was hit more by this than when Westwood closed which is saying quite a lot.

It was great to see everybody. I think the attendance was more a credit to the good Italian food rather than my presence. Not that they served cannoli though, what was up with that? How can you call yourself a real Italian restaurant without good cannoli?

The crew at Interzone are amazing, so many people so bought in on the project. There was some very nice things said about me and what I've done, but to be completely honest, I was standing on the shoulders of some really talented people. I also have to thank everybody for having faith in me and giving me the opportunity. Thanks again.

I do feel like I have let everybody down by leaving. I really didn't want to go. I really wanted to see this out. But too many thing have piled up and I have to take care of things with family back in the U.S.

I do want to express my anger at Liza and Jeremy though. The picture on that card will haunt me forever! You have not heard the last of me! Vengeance shall be mine!


Rj said...

Sorry I couldn't make it last night Joseph. I'm hoping that we can get you back out to Perth again in the future.


Liza said...

Bye, Joseph, maybe we'll meet again one day! I wrote a post about you on Gaming Vixen - Hope you don't mind :). I wanted to post a photo of you, too, but figured I should ask you first! What with the post mentioning how much you like that card and all.

Rowanage said...

Omg.. I missed a dinner? That's what I get for not reading my e-mails.. -_- You coming's to Baz's tonight? See you there hopefully.

Skit said...

It's been a pleasure working with you Joseph. I hope we cross paths again in the future.


Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

Thanks again everybody, sorry to you who missed the dinner. Mmmm good.

Liza, You can post a photo of me, as long as it isn't one of my showing my cleavage.

Also, I sent a link to that blog to my ex to see if she would be interested in being a vixen. QA grls have to stick together.

I'm going to bring in the two other small plants that I got when I bought that one I gave you into the office. It was a 3-plant purchase package. They'll be up for a first come first serve adoption, as long as the person promises to keep them alive. They both really need to be replanted though, they have outgrown that little pot and have to be constantly watered or that little bit of soil goes dry. I've been keeping them next to the sink in the bathroom so I always remember to water them.

Scott said...

Your brain biceps will be missed.

Future glory and greatness to ya!


SBoxle said...

Cheers for leading IZF into the Stanceless Era.

I'm not sure I'll ever forget the Joseph death stare. It may be slightly burnt into my retinas. Intense.

Take it easy,

Tim said...

I sent you an email! Enjoy!

Andy H said...

Sorry I couldn't make it, had family commitments - which I believe you understand well. I hope you come back, our Aussie games industry needs You! (especially coz you made C&C which I spent most of my 486 days playing - it ROCKED!)
Glad we made such an impression on you, and I believe that's what is awesome about Aussie workers - they are dedicated to doing a good job - that's why we're all still hanging around I guess. We will meet again I'm sure, if only to compare t-shirts :) * And thank the Gods for taking out Stances!

JWo said...

Sorry I missed the dinner too! >_< Sounds like a lot of fun.

To echo the sentiments of a lot of others, thank you for bringing so much to Interzone and the game. I have sure learnt a lot from you - the way a real game dev veteran thinks and works. :) Your experience certainly opened the eyes of this newbie in many areas.

I would love to be able to work with you again one day. Probably bump into you at the office before you leave. :)