Friday, February 06, 2009


Tired of hearing me go on about the Gilmore Girls yet? Well, don’t worry they are just the MacGuffin in this story. I say “story” but you can go ahead and read that as “rant.”

I mentioned before that I talked to the girl working at Blockbuster about when season 1 disc 2 was due back in. It was actually case #2 containing discs 3 & 4. I felt it was important to update you on that mistake, as I know you are taking notes for the test later. She pointed out that the people who just watched discs 3 & 4 were probably going to want discs 5 & 6 next. She recommended that I check them out now, so I could jump ahead of them.

Discs 3 & 4 were finally returned late yesterday and now I've watched up to disc 6. Just after putting up my last post, I realized that I would be finished with it in a few hours and have nothing to watch in the morning. I jumped in the car and tore off to rent all of season 2. It was with a cold, creeping, horror that I realized that case #1 of season 2, containing the first two discs, was already checked out!

It was them! My Gilmore Girls nemeses! They did the same thing! They checked out the first two discs to leap ahead of me! They aren’t due back till next Thursday. They are probably just going to sit on them until I return the last 2 discs of season 1!

Again, we only have Brian Michael Bendis to blame. I bet he is in league with those slow watchers! He probably goes over their house ever night and they all snuggle up on the couch with popcorn and share a blanket that they spread over their legs. They probably only watch one episode a night so they don't spoil it by rushing too fast. Oh but sometimes they can't help it, they just get too excited and they watch (gasp) two in a row!

I bet they think they've won. Well, they haven't! I have the rest of season 2 and they better just pray that I'm going to return them! I could just take them with me when I leave the country! What would they do then! Yeah, that would learn ’em not to mess with me!

I saw all of the seasons at the mall for $24 AUD each, but A) I really don’t have money to spend at the moment especially since I just quit my job and bought new shoes and B) I don’t want to have region 4 discs!


Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

I was wrong. They are $59 AUD for each season. Its the other TV shows that were around them, like the second season of Family Ties, that were on sale for $24.

I wound up borrowing the 2nd season from a friend and am now way ahead of those other people.

Cap'n John's Blog said...

Nothing to do with Gilmore Girls, but earlier this week I saw an Ad on the side of a bus for The Watchmen. (March 6, 2009)

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

I'm trying to save money, being really good about what I buy... but they had Watchmen figures and I just HAD to get a Rorschach. I'm a bit bummed that he isn't wearing elevator shoes. It also came with another hand that holds the grappling gun and some mysterious other plastic piece. I really wish the marketing people would get over the grappling gun. Also because of where the one peg hole in his foot is and the three possible pegs on the base, he always stands on the edge.

Yeah, I know I'm rambling but I'm killing time before I have to go to the office and get out of my evil soul binding contract with Satan... I mean Telstra. What am I going to do without my iPhone though? My iPhone with my Watchmen background. See how I tied that all back together.