Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rambling about E3, My Hair, and WoW

E3 I found out this morning that I will indeed be part of the team going to E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) next month. E3 is the place where all the big companies make all their really big announcements and where we will be showing off our game to the press for the first time. We should have a web site up in the next couple of weeks.

The story behind all that is pretty cool. Since we still haven’t signed a publisher we haven’t made the final milestone payment to Epic for use of the Unreal3 engine. Until we do that we weren’t allowed to show any screenshots to the press. But at the Game Developer’s Conference last month the Epic guys came and had a look at the game where we were showing it behind closed doors. They were very impressed. They especially like the fact that it is something different than what everybody else is doing with their engine, in other words not another First-Person Shooter. They asked why we weren’t showing it off more. We told them because in their contract they said we weren’t allowed to. So they told us they would wave that stipulation and to go ahead and show it off as much as we want.

I will also be doing some panel stuff for the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) at the Supanova pop culture expo (sci-fi and comic book convention) later this month. I’ve gone the previous two years and it’s pretty small. After you’ve been to the San Diego Comic Con everything else pales in comparison. It does look like they have a couple of cool guests this year, like Summer Glau aka River from Firefly & Serenity.

The reactions I’ve been getting to the new blonde hair at work have been all over the board. Just when I think the initial shock is over I run into somebody who just hasn’t happened to see me yet and I get to go through it again. I wore it back in a pony tail today and although it looked really good from the font, it still isn’t long enough to be pulled back. The top hair doesn’t quite reach and the rest of it is only long enough to stick straight out from the back of my head. The odd thing is I suddenly seem to be in the ‘the secret female hair club.’ I keep getting into these intimate conversations with women about secret hair stuff and stylist gossip. Now remember I used to have hair down to my waist but I never was privy to this club before. I’m a little scared actually.

I started to try and take a few pictures and found out that my new expensive digital camera doesn’t have any sort of timer function. I also realized I hadn’t charged the thing since I went off on vacation to Brampton Island back in late October. It had just enough power to copy off all the pictures of that vacation and my trip to San Diego and home to Vegas over Christmas.

I was bored out of my skull tonight in WoW with nothing to do but run laps around Iron Forge while waiting in the queue for one of the battlegrounds. I get so depressed looking at all the cool gear my friends in the guild have and hearing about all the things they are doing. Hardly anybody I know is online by the time I get home or has gone over and is playing horde now.

I did get to go to Zul’Grub with a friend, but only to kill one boss and then they went to kill one of the outdoor dragons which I can’t do because the mob is still worth DKP to my guild. We aren’t allowed to participate in events worth DKP outside the guild.


Anonymous said...

you got married! moved t2 australia! and u CUT YOUR HAIR!!! but i luv your hair it is sooo sxy!!! you need 2 show some pics of what u look like as a blonde asnap iam in san diego now but i think we are going back 2 LA because the clubs here are cheap. we want to cum up 2 vegas for a month 2 make some real$ and we were hoping 2 crash at your place again but we couldnt find your number Do you still see Dawn I heard she got married 2 maybe me and rachael could come visit you in australia luv ya CRYSTAL

kytrick said...

We ended up killing Lethon, and then I went to bed. I heard they downed Taerar after that.

Dunno if you were online last night, I was engrossed in leading an aq20. You're always welcome to my nub pickup raids. PST either of my characters or Schultz. Dymion is almost a household name in BT late night crew now (dunno whether that is good or bad). "We need a priest, check if Dymion is online!"

kytrick said...

That reminds me, aq20 reset at 3am last night, so it'll be fresh tonight. If I don't get roped into a 5man BRD to help people's alts get keyed (or even if I do...), you can count on a trip to Silithus.

Joseph the Fourth said...

Crystal! Well gee yeah life does go on. It's been what, Three years since I've heard from you. Drop me an email from link on the left of the blog.

Kytrick, I actually got invited to that raid after you left I guess, killed hunter right before it reset.