Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Hate Not Being Uber

I gave up on PvP in WoW. I reached a platau of how high I can go on rank based on my play times. Because I live in Australia I get home about midnight server time on weekdays. If I am lucky I can get into a battleground, sometimes two. Most nights it’s none. I get a few on the weekend but it just isn’t enough for me to get any higher in rank.

The weekends are really my only shot at raiding as well. I just feel like such a damn gimp in the game. All my guildmates are decked out in high end gear and I got crap. Back in Everquest I was one of the top 10 equipped rogues across ALL SERVERS, in WoW I suck. Both my characters suck. I switched to the priest to even have a shot at getting groups which has actually worked, but it doesn’t get me raiding end-game content which is where all the loot and fun is.

I got into a raid the other night where after an hour and a half of prep, we spend another hour taking 3 tried to finally kill a mob my guild regularly kills with their twink characters. The one time I was in this zone with my guild we cleared the whole zone in less than the time it took for this raid to kill one boss.

I was grouped with three guildmates and two pick-ups tonight in Stratholm on a Baron run. One of the two pick-ups said, “Afterlife? Isn’t that an uber guild?”

I gave my, “I live in Australia and can’t raid” excuse. The hunter pointed out that he was a member of GTOAL (Ghetto Twinks of Afterlife) and it was his main rogue that was uber. And the warrior noted that he just started playing again after a long absence.

Now I can’t say we let the guild down because they didn’t. It was entirely my fault. First I accidentally aggro’ed a bunch of mobs as we came out of one of the ziggurats. I sat down on the steps to drink, they moved forward, I got up to go heal them and somehow had aggro from behind. It caused us to wipe.

Then I let myself die twice more because I wasn’t paying attention to my own hit points. I am so used to just paying attention to CT_Raid group boxes which shows my character down with the other people in the various groups that I am not used to having to look up at my portrait to watch my own health. Luckily one of the pick-ups was a paladin who could res me.

We still killed the baron and such but it just seemed like we took forever and we certainly weren’t uber about it.


Anonymous said...


Your strat run was not worse than mine. Evar. Yesterday = the worst strat run in the history of strat runs. A few details: It was me, 2 real life friends (my ex-roommate and her girlfriend: a warlock aand a hunter) a Santa Cruzers warrior, myself, and Black Tide's best druid.

We were practicing for 45 minute Baron.


*wait for it*

*afk, shower*

3 hours later, we wiped on stitches for the last time.

Mother of god it sucked. Fuckity fuck fuck. Lern2notaggroeverymobinthezone.

You know the first ziggurat where there's the "far group" that you don't want to aggro when you go inside? Of course they aggroed that. Of fucking course. Why wouldn't they?

I know, let's have the tank charge in to kill everything and then aggro all the side groups to every group we were trying to kill.

The kicker was the damage meters.

0% the druid (from BT, she was healing)
10% kaylabeard (just shadow word pains...)
20% the hunter
30% the warlock
50% the warrior


This should actually be it's own entry in my own blog...but instead it's a comment in yours.

After that I ran Pug Ony, which failed.

My day = worse than your day, raidingwise!

Joseph the Fourth said...

You missed the point. It wasn’t “the worse strat run ever” It was MY worst strat run. --> I <-- was the problem, not any of them. I aggro’ed the mobs, let myself die because I wasn’t paying attention, etc.