Sunday, April 02, 2006


There has been a lot of talk about the latest game in the Elder Scrolls series: Oblivion. I don’t really have any desire to play it myself. I played a bit of the previous game, Marrowind and it just felt too lonely. This was back when I was really into Everquest. I thought the game was just crying out to be multi-player and I was really surprised to see that Oblivion wasn’t. Connie says she played Daggerfall, the one before Marrowind, and played it forever and ever and ever, but she had the same reaction to Marrowind that I did. She was also into Everquest by that time.

But a lot of people are talking about how much they like Oblivion and not minding that it isn’t multi-player. The funny thing is they won’t stop talking about it to each other. My friend’s World of Warcraft guild has a vent channel dedicated to it so that they can talk to each other while they are playing Oblivion. It’s almost like that once you have experienced the ‘shared experience’ you can’t go back to just doing it all alone regardless of how they deny the fact.

I am really curious to know if WoW’s online numbers were effected by the games release. To see if all those people who are complaining in the forums about the end game stopped playing WoW for Oblivion. I also wonder how long Oblivion would satisfy those people before they came back to WoW? How many people find Oblivion too lonely the way I did with Marrowind?

All the above used to be a lot longer and way more detailed. I went into the other types of games I played, talking about what type of commitment some games require, comparing game experiences, etc. But when I read it all back to myself I could see that it would need a good deal of editing and cleaning up to read worth a damn. And I didn’t feel like doing that so I just cut it down.

Oh, I also dyed my hair blonde this weekend. It took two treatments and my the coloring to do it and my scalp feels like it has been sunburned. So far everybody that has seen it thinks it should be a bit warmer, more gold. There has been some mention that I look a bit like Lucius Malfoy, Draco’s Dad in the Harry Potter movies. I think that’s just because the ‘treatment’ straightened out my hair quite a bit and it will take a few days before my natural curls comes back. I’ll take and post pictures then.


Joseph the Fourth said...

And speaking of Oblivion, found this article today.

The jist of it being that you can pay $2.50 (thats real money) to download armor for your horse in the game.

Anonymous said...

I played morrowind! But it was before I discovered mmos. I feel like I could never go back.