Monday, April 03, 2006

N3VRF41L Publishing

Auran is in the news with the upcoming launch of N3VRF41L Publishing at next month’s E3. Neverfail was the name of an Auran Executive’s bottled water company, the first such company in Australia. Why ‘leet speak’? I think we’ve all been afraid to ask.

The article is in regards to the Australian government’s lackluster and sluggish response to the needs of the Australian game industry. They make a lot of comparison to the large incentives (tax concessions and other handouts) given to the poorly performing Australian film industry and saying the well performing Australian game industry should be given just as much.

Instead the eroding Australian dollar, excessive taxes, and heavy competition from overseas is turning the Australian game industry into “digital sweatshops” with uncertain cash flow, no intellectual property and narrow margins. The last few months have seen several product cancellations, once prominent Australian developers close their doors and a few more studios that are on the chopping block after having been acquired by larger multinationals.

Then there is this bit:
One exception to that rule is N3VRF41L Publishing, a new operation to be launched next month at the E3 games show in Los Angeles. Backed by Auran Games boss Tony Hilliam, it plans to create its own intellectual property and distribute online.
You can read the full article here.

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