Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Put Down by 1UP

I found another review on 1UP.com today. The reviewer gave it a “fair” rating and saying, “An MMO... minus almost everything we like about MMOs.” He also titled the article “Less Fury than minor discontent.” But there is very little indication in his article that he took any time to actually find out anything about the game besides the fact that we had 4 versus 4 tournaments going on at the show.

Well I called him on it and posted one of my famous novel length replies which you can read for yourself if you head over there. Unfortunately I pasted my post directly from MS:Word and it turned all the apostrophes into little squares. So basically Notepad > 1UP.com’s text input. At the moment their site seems to be having some problems and it won’t let me fix it.

Oh and Jackson if you’ve come over here to find out who the hell just ragged on your review, I have a question for you. Looking at your collection of games in your profile I was just wondering if you played anything besides Final Fantasy?


Anonymous said...

Look, man, I'm sorry that you thought my preview lacked content. Just so you know, the tagline and rating were from my editor, not me. If you want my honest opinion, Fury really did blow me away. I really liked it. It was my favorite booth at E3, and I recognize the work that went into both the E3 setup and the game itself. I for one will buy Fury when it comes out. I did talk with some of the people involved in the project, and I worked off of what they said. When I wrote "some players may bemoan the lack of tradeskills, economy, quests, and other facets that the developers consider boring subterfuge" I meant just that. Some players thrive on the slow grind of traditional MMOs. Most, I think, would prefer a fast game like Fury, but haven't had the opportunity yet. That's not a terribly profound observation, and it's one that Auran has obviously already made. It doesn't cripple your game's chances, or make my preview into a diatribe against Fury. The tagline and future prognosis aside, I think my preview speaks well of Fury – as I intended it to. I’ll see what I can do about having the tagline and future prognosis changed; it doesn’t fit the game.

-Jackson Coakley

Anonymous said...

Oh, and in response to your question, I do play more than Final Fantasy games. For some reason, the site hasn't let me access my user info since I set up the account, so I haven't had a chance to flesh out that section. Please excuse me if I come off as an FF fanboy.
-Jackson (again)

Joseph the Fourth said...

Yeah I the 1UP site would appear to be having a lot of problems relating to updating things. I tried fixing the apostrophes in my post for over an hour. Finally I manually fixed the first one and then added a “P.S.” to the bottom of my post and submitted it. The “P.S.” never appeared so I finally realized that all the fixes I had been trying to post were being ignored by the server so I gave up. I was also more than a bit annoyed the way it kept stretching my picture to fit its own aspect ratio. I finally just added white space to the top and bottom to force it to that aspect ratio, but it still looks streached.

Anyway, thanks for the rating change. I really don’t have a problem with anybody writing a bad review if they really didn’t like the game, I only spoke out because from what I read in that particular review didn’t sound like you had given it much of a chance or even really understood what we were trying to do. And as far as that goes if you would like to do another interview me or anybody else on the team, get exclusive screenshots, that sort of thing just let me know. We are still over a year out so we really aren’t planning any big press blitz anytime soon but I’m sure I could connect you to the right people.