Saturday, May 13, 2006

Early Press and Banner Ads

I just got back from E3 a few hours ago. I didn't bring my wireless card with me figuring I would just use my eithernet cable to connect my laptop to the internet in the hotel room. The hotel unfortunately only had wireless internet. I found out later that I could get a eithernet to wireless hub from the front desk but that was already my last night and I only had time to download an audio book from iTunes before I had to get some sleep.

I just did a quick Google search and found two reviews of the game already up at MMORPG.COM and OMGN. Warcry has a banner ad up... well at it did. I am trying to see it again and all I'm getting as I keep refreshing the site is one for The Legend of Ares and an occasionally one for Dungeons & Dragons Online. Oh wait there it is. There are 3 banner ads, two normal horizontal ones, and a vertical one.

I will try and put the banners up here in a minute, just want to fix the site so that the posts aren’t over in the blue sidebar if you are viewing the blog in 1024x768 screen size.

I am completely exhausted but am going to try and stay awake till my normal bed time so I can get my body back on Australian time.

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Joseph the Fourth said...

Because of the way the template is coded the only easy way to fix the layout in 1024x480 is to redraw the blue side graphic so that it is thinner or reset the posts column back to the it's original width. I just hate to do either of those because it displays so much wasted space.

The hard way to fix it is to re-learn enough HTML to recode it. I havn't touched HTML in years and years. So much has changed that I'm mostly lost when looking at the template which appears to be pretty simple stuff.

I am just going to leave it for now and come back to it when I'm no so tired.