Wednesday, May 03, 2006

FURY Website is Now LIVE!!!

Fury LogoThe FURY teaser site is now live! Not much there at the moment as it is just a teaser site but more will be added next week during E3. I know we have some really really cool in-game movies to put up.

The game will be playable at booth #2240 in the West Hall. That is "playable" as in we are letting people play it, not just showing movies or only letting you watch while we play it.

Hope to see you there so I can kick your butt in game and keep checking for more info!


BugHunter said...

You know I'm totally expecting the Beta invitations to go to those subscribed to the news letter (wink wink). :)

Joseph the Fourth said...

I subscribed to the news letter myself just so I can start yelling and screaming if we arn't keeping it up to date.