Monday, May 15, 2006

More Small Online Press Reviews

Tyler Willis which besides the very good and detailed review of FURY at the very bottom has another section in the middle of this long 2nd day diary posting that talks about the game and our booth babes. In his 3rd day diary posting he gives out his awards with FURY scoring “Hottest Booth Babes.”

OnRPG who says we are his “underdog hit of the show.” Ten Ton Hammer also has a decent write up of the game. Now I can't leave out MeriStation which has a review up in Spanish. Here is Google’s horrible and somewhat amusing attempt to translate from Spanish to English.

FireSquad and Stratics both have small somewhat mixed reviews of the game, but with some interesting user comments.

You will notice all of these are more indie-news sites. I have found most of the big sites that have posted anything so far just have our own marketing stuff parroted back almost word for word. I'll let you in on an industry secret, that’s how it works for a lot of the magazines too. Lots of companies basically get to write their own reviews. I don't think it has anything to do with money under the table or buying advertising space, I think its more about just not having the man power to write all that stuff themselves. It could also be a little laziness on the part of the journalist too. In our case it could have a lot to do with being a relativly unknown company (last big hit being Dark Reign) with a game that is still at least a year out.

There is a site, or at least was because I can't seem to find it now, that was supposed to collect video game media reviews that were just obvious bias pieces of crap in an attempt to take the media to task. I did find this site while looking though, Video Game Media Watch which is pretty interesting. If anybody knows where I can find that other site, please pass along the URL, thanks.

Anyway, back to FURY here are two Australian newspaper's online sites with mention of the game:
Courier Mail which also has some TV video interviews with Tony our boss and the Herald Sun which has a general article on Australian Game Development and E3 with one line about Fury at bottom.

Here is a link to the full sized FURY trailer on File Planet. This is the same, but now compressed and much smaller trailer that was put up pre-E3. The person who uploaded it assumed they would compress it into what ever format they thought best but that wasn't the case. Sorry to the 500ish people who downloaded that gigantic file.

And here is another picture of our great booth babes at the "Babes and Booths of E3 3006" feature from

None of the reviews have mentioned our two DJ's who were awesome. I was skeptical about the idea at first, but they did a great job at drawing people in and keeping the 4 versus 4 tournaments going non-stop.

You will notice some confusing in a lot of the reviews about what the name of our game actually is. The game is called "FURY" but is often mistakenly referred to as "Unleash the Fury" which is our tag line. The reason for this is because in a fit of unchecked last minute marketing fury the actual name of the game wasn't really displayed anywhere. We had the "F" logo and the tagline on everything, but only the character name plates on the monitors and Bob's caricature papers displayed the game's title in a way that made it clear that was the title.

Now this could have been worse. You could have been Gameloft who is doing a cell phone game called Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam. You see Paris showed up at E3 to promote the game and said, "I'm really excited to have my new video game, Diamond Quest. Thank you all for coming and you can download the game."

And let me add this little story: When Paris showed up at the Gameloft booth they had a huge line of people gather to see her. Security blocked off some of the isles and entrance/exits from the hall to accommodate this. This also had the effect of almost completely cutting off the Eve Online booth which was in the corner next to Gameloft.

To get to the Eve Online booth you had to enter the hall somewhere to the right of the Gameloft booth, go past them, then cut all the way back to the left circling back up along the far left wall. If I was the Eve Online guys I would have demanded my booth space money back for the day.

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