Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Microsoft Unexciting

John Dvorak has an opinion column up talking about general malaise of Microsoft and how the company is losing its direction and is dead in the water at the moment. I have to say I pretty much agree with his points. I bring this up because of several discussions I’ve had with friends in the past about why I wasn’t worried about the Microsoft take over of the world. This is what always happens. Company grows and grows; it takes over its competition by either destroying them or just buying them up. It starts to look like that company is going to be unstoppable. But then it reaches critical mass and can’t sustain its own gigantic weight and starts to fall apart.

Most people I’ve talked to generally agree that does always seem to be what happens. But some of said they are worried about that one company that will make it over the line. In this dooms day scenario the company does turn into the semi-incompetent behemoth, but they have already destroyed the industry, crushed all competition and we become stuck with them.

I can never see that happening. There will always be cracks in such a mammoth company and in those cracks new and wonderful things will take root, grow, and crack open that rock. Remember Microsoft itself was just such a weed that grew out of poor business decision made by then giant IBM.

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