Sunday, March 08, 2009

New York Times Best Selling GRAPHIC Book list

It seems only yesterday that the New York Times added a Children's Fiction Best Seller list because all those damn Harry Potter books were taking up too much space and pushing off other "real" books. Seriously, follow the link. That is pretty much what they were saying.

Graphic NovelsNow they are adding a Graphic Book Best Seller list for such things as Graphic Novels. They have both a hard and softcover list as well as a Manga list. Its a good thing Manga got its own list because other wise all those Manga titles would have taken up too much space and pushed off other "real" graphic novels. See what I did there?

The Courtyard by Allan MooreI was surprised to find The Courtyard by Allan Moore on there; because I have yet to find it in a store and I've been looking in stores across the world. Maybe it is just so popular that it is selling out?

This is a good thing and a big step into legitimizing graphic novels. I was talking to somebody who works for the library district and she was saying that they have a hard time justifying the purchase of graphic novels because the powers that be don't recognize them as real books.

If you feel like just randomly checking out some graphic novels, browse over to The Graphic Novel Explorer by Jim Bumgardner, of Its a flash image-browsing display that has arranged the covers of 1001 graphic novels vertically by color and horizontally by price. You just mouse over the display and it enlarges the cover and gives the title and price as listed at Amazon. Note that the Watchmen it lists there is for the Absolute hardcover edition, the softcover version is only $19.95. He has a Science Fiction and MAD Magazine version as well.

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Rowanage said...

Oh.. oh I see what you did there.. -_-

I'm impressed at being able to go down to Borders in town now and they have a dedicated 'Graphic Novels' section next to an in-store cafe (the section may have been there for a while now, but I just haven't been in town for a while). I guess they are starting to penetrate the general market.

Albeit, the section is comprised of %90 Manga.. I guess they just gotta fill the shelves with what the people want. Uh oh.. see what I did there? :P