Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And Life Goes On

I just got done with a very interesting phone interview. I am not sure I came off overly impressive, I've never been very good at selling myself. The position itself has some pro's and con's, but I think I would be a very good fit and excel at it. I have my finger's crossed...wHicH amkes iT hArd twOo tyypE!

Things are moving again at Interzone Futbol. I have been told that the Australian Closed Beta sign-ups are now open.

My half brother Ben is in town, fresh from Iraq and we had a large sibling dinner the other night. It looks like he will be heading to Afghanistan sometime in the near future.

I did a camp out with Eric#1's son's boyscout troupe a few weeks ago. Did 10 miles on a bike before the petal fell off. I'd post a picture, but if I don't leave now I won't get fed.

...and that my exciting life at the moment.


Liza said...

Ahh I had an interview today as well and I'm nervous, although I think I did well. Fingees crossed here as wwelkl

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

Mine didn't work out, hope yours went better.

I pretty much knew mine wasn't going to fly from the interview itself. It really felt like they had already found somebody they were interested in and were just checking out what was a last minute resume submission.

There was also one big questions he asked, where I knew the answer he wanted, and gave my own answer anyway.

Oh well.

Alex said...

At least you guys are getting interviews :/

Good luck man.

Liza said...

Ah, better luck next time.
Alex, your awesomeness is just too great. They're afraid of the excellence because they've never seen something quite so perfect before.

My interview was successful :) Yay a paying job!