Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Wordled Myself

Wordle: Joseph's Game HistoryFound this little program that makes art out of your text by giving greater prominence to words that appear more frequently. I fed in my Personal History and got the Wordle you see.

It is very interesting to see the words that pop out. Looks like I definitely got game. It is annoying to see "actually" in there at all; because, I hate that I use that word so much when I write non-fiction. When I write fiction i am always going through and removing the word "seems." I was taught that it should "seem" like it was a dark and stormy night, just make it a dark and stormy night; however, my fingers like to type "seems" in hopes that I won't notice.

Wordle: Joseph's ResumeHere, lets do another. How about my resume itself... Not to bad.

I wish it would recognize things like plurals and possive words as the same word. So table and tables would be the same and that Bob and Bob's was the same. The little bit of HTML code they have you paste into your blog to get it to display sucks as well because when you copy and paste it, you have to remove all the line breaks and formatting they put in and make it all one piece of code.

I was going to look for something else to Wordle, but I'm too tired and I think the novelty has worn off.

Oh before I go, one more thing. Dear Java, Please stop installing Yahoo Toolbar. PlzKThxsBye.


Rowanage said...

I pasted in Edgar Allan Poe's, 'The Raven'... interesting results. Very cool little program.

Liza said...

This is really cool! I'm going to try feeding my resume in there.

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

There was some talk on the Tonight Show and the Daily Show that compared some key phrasing regarding Iran and terrorism in President Obama's and President Bush's inauguration speeches. The point being that they wording was really close to being the same. So, I was going to enter both their speeches in and compare the Wordles, but it was really late and I went to bed instead.