Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My Point, and I Really Do Have One...

Now, my friend Nick just wrote me an email. Granted it was in response to one I had written him earlier in the day. But he ended it with a comment in regard to the previous blog post.
"Oh, and I meant to comment on your blog about this, but since I’m writing an email I may as well mention it now. Although mentioning the squid monster isn’t a spoiler for the movie, it *is* a spoiler for the graphic novel!"
Now, in answer to that postulation about the supposed spoiler in regards to the graphic novel, I must refer him to point 1a which would apply to the unfortunate soul who has yet to read the graphic novel.
1a. You don't know what the hell I am talking about with "giant, physic, squid" anyway
Saying something about the "giant, physic squid" no more ruins the graphic novel than if I were to talk about the remake of Star Wars, Episode IV, A New Hope by saying, "They added a ring to the explosion." It doesn't really tell you anything and to be truthful throwing out "giant, physic, squid" makes absolutely no sense until you actually get to the end of the graphic novel. It's not like anybody who hadn't read the graphic novel would read "giant, physic, squid" and even have a clue where I was going with that under any circumstance.

Now granted, there are clues leading up to the ending, but honestly, they don't really make sense until your second read.

However, I had told my friend Paul that I was going to see "The Crying Game" years ago and he mentioned there is a twist at the end and I should be careful not to let anybody spoil it for me. I said I had heard there was a twist ending because one of the actors was on The Tonight Show the night before. He suddenly got concerned asking which actor. I didn't know which actor because I can't ever remember names if my life depended on it. I started to describe either Forest Whitaker or Stephen Rea, I forget which as it was a long time ago. Paul was relieved upon hearing it was a guy. From that, I guessed the secret of the crying game as soon as she was introduced on-screen. So maybe he is right and I should leave open the possibility that it is a spoiler.

All of that is besides the point though. The point is that he didn't comment. He instead mentioned what he was going to say in email. Do you know how often that happens? Do you know how many people email me with responses to my blog posts instead of using the provided comment section? Don't bother guessing, I'll just spoil it for you and say, "A lot!"

The problem with this is that it would appear to all other readers that there is, in fact, nobody reading my blog except Bug Hunter and Cap'n John, two individuals who I have never meet but; however, on top of appearing to be quite nice and friendly, at least post comments. For this I thank them, post comments occasionally on their blogs, and now that I am back in the U.S. hope to one day meet them over, say, pancakes.

We shouldn't be too hard on Nick though. I was just using him because he is the latest example of this problem that I am having. Nick did write me a wonderful letter of recommendation for my time at Interzone which you can read if you go dig for it under the resume link on the right-hand menu.


BugHunter said...

I'm the poor sap in category 1a and 1b. So as the ranking authority on not having a frakking clue, I don't think it was a spoiler. But I guess that's the topic of the previous post. So here I am posting, which now makes this pertinent to this post.

I may seem nice, on the internet, but I'm very creepy...just ask my nieces and nephew. haha!

Cap'n John's Blog said...

Sometimes I'll start to post a comment, then I think to myself, "Is this really relevant? And is it necessary to post a comment to every thread? Do I look like some sort of fanboi or stalker if I do that?"

Then I end up rambling off on some totally unrelated tangent which is meant to link back to the theme of the post but gets lost along the way and just sort of meanders off...

And then I think, "Bugger it! This is far too long! I might as well turn it into a Blog post of my own, and just link back to this post."

So I do, and I absent-mindedly forget to post even a brief comment here that I've posted a lengthy reply on my own Blog. Which I haven't done this time, so no need to check.

I do find it interesting though, that both you and Saylah discuss your "silent readers" on the same day.

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

My brother left my niece and nephew with me for just over an hour yesterday. Their minds are like fresh putty just waiting to be molded and shaped.

But seriously BH, you have a mere few days left to read Watchmen. I found out that Eric#1, my supposed best friend had also not read it and quickly sent him one via Amazon because I knew I wouldn't be able to tolerate his presence once I returned to Vegas now that I knew this horrible secret he had been keeping from me. It is only $10 from Amazon and $20 in a bookstore. Hurry before it's too late!

And Cap'n John (not to be confused with Captain Bob, odd that I know two people who go by the title captain) I think we have both already established that relevancy isn't a stable of our lives.

I was just telling a friend about a game Eric#1 and I used to play. One of us would start talking about something except we would start as if the conversational topic had already been introduced and discussed for a few minutes. It was like we were starting by jumping directly into the middle of the conversation. The goal for the other person is to try and figure just what the hell the first person is talking about before they finish speaking so that you can say something back that continues the conversation.

How is that relevant? Oh it is but it would take a far longer post for me to trace that path.

BugHunter said...

"...start talking about something except we would start as if the conversational topic had already been introduced and discussed for a few minutes."

HaHa! My wife does the same thing. :)

Only it's not part of a game :(

Cap'n John's Blog said...

Bughunter, it's a game alright. It's just your wife has taken it to the next level.

Nick said...

Thought that you might find this interesting/funny... maybe: http://www.videosift.com/video/Hitler-finds-out-about-the-new-Watchmen-ending