Thursday, June 19, 2008

Google Analytics

I have no data tracking or hit counter stuff for the blog. I know that there are quite a few people reading this blog that don't bother to make comments because I'll occasionally get a flurry of email about something I've said. For example the tiny mention about one of my recent (bad) dates filled my mailbox with emails, a lot of them from people I don't even think I know. WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?! :-)

Then late last night I stumbled across Google Analytics and decided to give it a go. I copied in Google Analytic's snippet of code but I think it broke that blue sidebar graphic I had over on the left. Maybe I put it in the wrong place. I'm at work now so I can't take the time to investigate further or make jokes about it. But if anybody has any experience with this particular Google thing, let me know.
"I don't know such stuff. I do eyes. Just - just eyes. Just genetic design. Just eyes. You Nexus, huh? I design your eyes." -Hannibal Chew (Blade Runner)
UPDATE: Tim pointed out that I had indeed put their code in the wrong place. It was a case of me having said I was going to bed 2 hours before but one thing kept leading me to another and I was really tired. It wasn't so much me misreading the instructions or knowing what to do, I just did it wrong regardless. I remember reading that their code was supposed to go right after the end body tag (the blog software is complaining and won't actually let me type the tag) and I remember thinking that is where I had to put it. But instead I put it before the start body tag. Shrug.

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