Friday, June 06, 2008

Fury's Ending

Just as Interzone Futebol officially starts off it looks like Fury is winding down. Tony posted the following the Fury Forums earlier today.
As most of the Fury community know, things haven’t quite gone to plan for Fury since our launch. In a nutshell, whilst we have made dramatic improvements to the game, we have not been able to generate sufficient interest amongst the PvP player base to improve our player population.

Today we have a small core audience who love the game and play every day. We have another small core audience who would love to play if there was a vibrant community and challenging competition. We receive a number of new players every day and for various reasons, most new players do not climb their way into one of these two categories. This all means there are far too few players willing to pay money to support further development of the game.

We have been working to improve certain parts of the game and many of these are almost ready for release. The core audience believe these changes will make the game better and more fun for new players. This still leaves two problems. Firstly, attracting a large proportion of the past players to return to the game will be difficult as many have decided Fury is not worth another chance. Next, generating large numbers of new players requires spending large amounts on marketing.

Without both a good percentage of players returning and an increase in attracting new players, Fury cannot survive. The only viable option is to enlist the support of a strong marketing partner. This approach would give sufficient time to make the last remaining changes and to get the marketing plans in order to re-launch on a grand scale. We will continue to search for this partner, but of course the current small population makes this task rather difficult. We have to find someone who, like us, sees the enormous appeal and potential of a pure PvP game.

Meanwhile, we will be maintaining the current service for as long as we can whilst the search continues. This does not include releasing any new patches for now. Hopefully we will have better news in the coming weeks.

Tony Hilliam
CEO, Auran Games
This means that they won't be finishing and pushing all of the changes that Cam has been working on all this time. Shame as I think they would have really improved the game play.

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BugHunter said...

It's kind of depressing when a big project of yours tanks. It happens with companies I work for far more often than I would like.