Wednesday, March 08, 2006

There is never time to do it right, but there is always time to do it over

We are in pre-GDC hell at work. I am trying to redo all the icons, yes that’s right I’m doing icons again! AGAIN! I am having trouble sleeping at night worrying about all the icons I still have to have done by Sunday night PLUS all the other stuff that I will have to redo after GCD. For example we are re-skinning the GUI. But after GDC it will all have to be redrawn for a 1600x1200 screen resolution. It will also have to be done in separate pieces so that it can be scaled independently of the screen resolution. Why aren’t we just doing it that way now? No time.

I found out I won’t be going to GCD if I hadn’t mentioned that since last talking about it.

Just to relax tonight I started playing around with Google Earth while watching TV. I had messed around with it before but just looking for places I used to live, my house in Vegas, that sort of thing. Still can’t zoom in close enough to San Vito dei Normanni, Italy to see the area in any detail, but you can see our apartment and Auran here in Australia really clearly.

Today I also went looking at the Eiffel Tower, Mount Rushmore, Mount Saint Helens, Great Wall of China, etc. The 3D building technology they are putting is pretty cool too. Spinning around Manhattan Island with all the buildings on is like something you would have seen on TV or the movies just a few years ago and rolled your eyes at. I was disappointed to see they have a square building for the Luxor in Vegas. Guess they can’t do pyramids.

I couldn’t find Uluru here in Australia either. I searched around Alice Springs for a while, tried to find a map on the web but gave up.


Anonymous said...

So they wont pay for you to go to GDC or they wont give you time off to go to it?

I just checked out and it looks cool. You should try to go anyway if you can.

Post your icons in your blog.

Joseph the Fourth said...

I'm sure if I told them I was paying my own way I they would be more than willing to have me there. The art director is taking my spot to do artist interviews. Taking more than four people is really over kill. But if I had my choice of the two I would rather go to E3 than GCD and I'm actively campaigning to go to E3.

All the women trying to get a look at my icons, unfortunately you’ll have to wait till there are some officially released screen shots. Good news is we think we finally settled on a name for the game. I can’t actually tell you what it is yet but third times a charm so it might even stick this time.

Drew said...

nice and easy to find uluru, just type it in the search box (or look around -25.344, 131.035)