Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Long and Short of It

I’ve been growing my hair back out. I’m smack dead in that ‘looks like shit’ phase at the moment. At this point it usually only looks good right when I get out of the shower and its doing the wet curly thing. I had been just letting it grow and wearing a hat to hide it. I’m not really a hat person but my dress style has become more relaxed since I moved to Australia so I've gotten away with it. It got to the point that it was just a total mess and I had an emergency haircut to clean it up right before flying to SOE back in December. I am getting it cut regularly now, just trimming the ends and trying to keep it neat kind of thing. I am getting some highlights put back in at my next appointment. I only have to wear the hat on the really bad hair days now.

I bring this up because yesterday I actually had a good hair day. I had even been wearing headphones during the day, ones that touch the top of my head no mater how they are adjusted, and even that didn’t mess up my hair. It still has a good while to go before it gets to the length I want which isn’t going to be as long as I had it before. I am just going to grow it to just a tad below the shoulders; before it was almost to my waste. I’m also wearing it straight back now instead of sweeping it to the side and you can see how much it is thinning on top :-( Damn you androgen-receptor genes!

I wanted to post a picture of what it was like before and where I am at now so you could see how it compares to the picture over on the right, but I can’t find the big version of the picture I’ve been using for my forum icon. I have some zipped files I saved off when I reformatted the other machine and I’ll look through those.

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