Friday, October 10, 2008

The Late Jeff Freeman's Blog

I just clicked on the link in my list to the late Jeff Freeman's blog and got to some other blog. Its by somebody named gRACe goh and only has one entry entitled "This is my first blog entry :D" dated May of 2007.

I used the Way Back Machine to check and Jeff's blog was definitely there. I also noticed that there were two URLs that I had for Jeff's blog.

The URL I had in my link section was (I'm fixing it now) which is the now broken one, but that I confirmed was correct back when I posted the news of Jeff's passing. The Way Back Machine even has this other blog there when I posted the news and doubled checked to see that his blog was still there. But if you go even further back, Jeff's blog shows up at this URL. I'm confused.

The other URL I had bookmarked was which still works. Whew, I would hate to see it get taken down. I'm updating my sidebar now.

I'd advise against reading the comments in his last post. The morons of the internet have been there, assholes.

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