Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fox is going to Terminate Sarah Conner

Just a quick mid-work day post. I read last week that the declining rating for Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles may lead Fox to cancel the show. I watch all of last season and so far only the premier episode this season, and I realize that the storylines have been a bit slow, the conclusions to plot lines that have been built up have been a bit anti-climatic, and the show needs an serious induction of dramatic excitement. But I still like it and its first on my list when I buy my next batch of season passes on iTunes.

Then at lunch today when I was doing a quick bounce around the internets, I see that is shown on Monday nights opposite Heroes and Monday Night Football. Gee I think I figured this one out!
Dear Fox,

Move "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles" to a different day/time slot. Don't pull another Firefly on us.


P.S. iTune subscriptions don't show up in Neilson Ratings do they? Seriously, its way past time to toss that system and find out what people are really watching. I was part of the Neilson system in the 80's and the way it worked sucked then, technology passed it by in the 90's, and you are all still using it because you are scared of the shake up. Its been 3 years since you realized that data gathered from digital recorders were having a significant impact on your numbers and you still haven't figured out anything to do with that data. Be a leader, fix that crap.

P.P.S. Then again this could be all the sci-fi fan boys boycotting you for that Watchmen bullshit you are pulling. Ya never know.
There. I am sure that will straighten everything out. I've got to get back to work now.


Capn John said...

Man, Watchmen looks amazing. Might wait for it to be on DVD though, so I can get the 3-hour Director's Cut instead of watching the 93.5 minute piece of crap Fox will insist on airing in the theatres.

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

It Warner Brother who is doing the movie, Fox is the one suing them because they say they still own the rights and they are currently trying to prevent the movie from ever being released.

Are you saying that you'll think it will be part of Fox's settlement to demand that the movie be shorter so they can guarantee higher profits?

Currently WB has Snyder editing the movie into a 2H 50M version. There is a petition by the aptly named "Minute Men" to get them to allow it to be 3 hours. You can read about it all here:

Capn John said...

It's possible Fox could insist on a much shorter movie, closer to 2 hours than three.

When the DVD comes out they release the same 2-hour movie on DVD, then a few months later release the "theatrical" cut, being the 2h50m version.

Then a month or two later they release the Director's Cut DVD, being the full length 3-hour movie.


I'm just not overly trustful of big corporations when it comes to money.

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

Wow! Three versions of the movie on DVD! Oh cool, I can't wait to start building my collection!!! Oh wait... I'm part of the problem aren't I?

Capn John said...

Considering that what I've predicted may happen with the Watchmen DVDs actually did happen with Jacko's Lord of the Rings, it's entirely possible Fox/WB will try to make some extra cash out of Watchmen fans such as yourself by releasing several versions a couple of months apart, with each release being better than that which came before.


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