Tuesday, April 29, 2008

B.R.A.V.E. by Andy Hawkins

My friend Andy Hawkins at work has been working on a little pet project game for some time called B.R.A.V.E. "British Response to Alien inVasion of Earth." He is entered into a game design contest which has been running for a year now and ends on the 31st. Here is the forum with the competition. I think he has basically done everything all by himself except for the recent addition of his sister to do some modeling work.

Andy sent out an email at work a little while ago with a link to his latest version and I flagged it so I could check it out later. Unfortunately it just got buried in my in box and I forgot about it until he pointed out today that the contest deadline is in 2 days. I just wanted to make this quick post to wish him luck.

I started making my own little game twice now, once with the original Neverwinter Nights editor and then again as a Text Adventure using the Adrift engine. The text adventure one was coming along nicely until I tried to do several things that were dependent on which direction the player entered from and set it aside after two weeks fighting with the engine and then never picked it up again. That was about four years ago and I've no idea how far Campbell Wild has taken the editor since then.

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Andy Hawkins said...

Hey! I resemble those comments :) Thanks for the mention Joseph, much appreciated. For everyone interested please come to my website DrewFX or Andy Hawkins' Blog in a few days and download the demo.