Monday, February 12, 2007


From the guys who brought you Gathering of Developers aka GoD games, we now have Gamecock Media group.

I recommend reading their company story, the Legend of Gamecock, on their website if you want the torrid, shady details.

Make all the fun of the name you want but consider the following:
1. You know you won't forget the name and its going to get lots of press.

2. Its pretty cool that they support small developers who are usually at the mercy of the large publishers. They even let them retain the rights to their creations.

and 3. you just know the booth babes are going to be hot!
Now if you are wondering why am giving them so much attention, you should head over to their website and check out their lineup of featured contenders. Thats right, Gamecock is going to Unleash the Fury!


Joseph the Fourth said...

I pimped Gamecocks website going live to Kotaku who of course list Gamecocks lineup. Don't be afraid to head on over there and post some comments in regard to how cool Fury is.

Joseph the Fourth said...

AH HA!!!

I finally figured out why I was having trouble posting HTML links! I type everything in MS:Word first because I am the world's second worst speller.

Its those damn “smart” quotes again! You'd think I'd learn by now.

BugHunter said...

Those guys are nuts!

If they're the publisher, then I imagine every guess the sanctuary forums have made about pricing for Fury is wrong. There will be some kind of weird scheme cooked up that we can't imagine.