Monday, February 12, 2007

Auran Loves the Gamecock

MCV, a big UK, game industry newspaper had Gamecock’s launch as one of their lead stories this morning: GOD Founders Launch Gamecock.

Kotaku has a second story, this time just focusing on Auran and Fury: Auran Loves the Gamecock.

So Fury is out there in the public eye now. The Alpha version of the game is slowly letting in more people and the Beta version isn't that far away. Which means I better stop writting on this blog and get back to work. Next task: finish up the last 100 or so Ability Icons... sigh.

Captain's Log, Supplemental:

Not going to make a whole new post for this link because 40 million post about Fury and Gamecock is already getting old. Anyway I found this one a few days ago when googling "Gamecock Fury" only when I went to the link it said 'server error'. Obviously it was pulled until after the official announcement. It is an interview with Gamecock co-founder Harry Miller at Games Radar.

When I was a kid I thought Supplemental meant something along the lines of "we're in trouble" because of the way Captain Kirk always said something along the lines of "Captain's Log, Supplemental: The Romulans are attacking!"


BugHunter said...

The test signup form really illuminates the age of my PC. I'm happy testing is going so well for you guys, though.

My computer died yesterday so I'm faced with some hard decisions. Replace the power supply and make do with it for a while longer, or use my wife's laptop for world of warcraft while I save up to buy a whole new rig.

Let's say the specs on the laptop were good enough for the Fury testing. Should I sign up even if the GPU doesn't appear on the list specifically (it's a mobile version). Actually the lists contain the hardware my PC fits, but they are below the "minimum computer specifications".

Should I just wait for a later testing phase that has lower system requirements?

Joseph the Fourth said...

You'll have to wait as the game currently doesn't support the mobile graphics cards.

The next stage of testing is only a few months away and it will be a much more polished version. Some of the current maps are just night and day from the alpha versions.

Though I am not sure when they are scheduled to finish up the optimizations, I think they might even waiting on Epic for some stuff.

But you know you want a new machine. And in the old Westwood tradition, I will support you in that purchase decision. You wait it. You need it. You deserve it.

BugHunter said...

Dang you're right! I do deserve it. I would order the parts today if it weren't for the car I bought 2 weeks ago. 0.o

Had I but known my computer would bite the dust, I would have held off on the car...ok that's not true.

The laptop will hold for a few weeks/months and patiently await the next testing phase. Now get back to those icons.

Joseph the Fourth said...

Sigh, I haven't even gotten started on the icons yet. I've spent the whole week fixing bugs, making changes to another design document after it was reviewed, adding the tool tips strings to some of the GUIs, tweaking the master GUI textures as they are implemented, going over the customer service tools, etc and so on.