Wednesday, November 08, 2006

IGN Australia

So I spent the weekend at the Game1 expo in Melbourne. I am in the process of writing a whole incident report but I really need to get back to work on this design spec so I’ll leave that for tomorrow.

In the meantime I feel bad that I haven’t posted anything so here are two Fury links from IGN Australia. First their Studio Tour of Auran and then their Fury Hands On.

There are some memorable quotes. My personal favorite is:
"twitch gaming skills move to twitch thinking"
I also guess nobody told him the “low-flying dragon clutching a large crystal” is called a Perkon. Or maybe they did and he just didn’t it sounded as cool as a ““low-flying dragon clutching a large crystal” and you know, he may have a point there. Where did we come up with the name "Perkon" anyway?

He also got a little mixed up with the elements. The game is based on 5 elements kind of taken from Asian lore. It is Water (Life, Positive Energy, Blue) opposed to Fire (Death, Negative Energy, Red) and Nature (Growth, Positive Form, Green) opposed to Air (Decay, Negative Form, Purple). Earth, the 5th element is neutral and isn’t involved in the elemental parts of game play. For the purest Air really should be Metal in the Asian system we are using, but the effect of metal became lightning and eventually the name got changed to the more Western-like “Air”. For the simplistic its just Red vs. Blue and Purple vs. Green.

He makes a little mistake trying to peg Fury’s place in the current pantheon of next generation game graphics:
"Although bettered by Gears of War and others, the Unreal Engine 3.0 kicks some serious butt. Gorgeous."
The Problem is that Gears of War was also built using the Unreal Engine 3.0. DOH!


James said...

I think the comparison to GoW was *because* we both use UE3. At least that's the impression I got when I read it.

And the Perkon thing? That's what you get for letting Art name something :p
I still don't see small dragon, it is quite clearly a large bug.

Joseph the Fourth said...

Hmm maybe that is what he meant with the GoW comment. I've been saying it over and over in my head and it probably should have been worded slightly differently.

"Although bettered by some of the other games built using the Unreal 3.0 engine like Gears of War, it kicks some serious butt. Gorgeous."

...and yeah "Unreal 3.0 engine" rather than "Unreal Engin 3.0"

ummm do you get the feeling I am just dragging this out to avoid going back to work on the CSR commands? sigh, yeah me too.