Friday, October 27, 2006

Rambling On

So it’s another exciting Friday night. I’m sitting in Ironforge waiting on the Battleground queues that are all over an hour, 20-30 minutes apart from each other and yet will inevitably all pop on top of each other. (note as I’m posting this: they did pop on top of each other) To make matters worse I’m watching “How to Lose a Guy in 10 days” on TV. It could be worse as we have “First 50 Dates” and “Cold Mountain” on the other channels. Actually, had I thought about it, I probably would have picked the Adam Sandler movie but this one came on after Smallville and I was too busy in Alterac Valley to change the channel. Now I don’t want to change since I already missed the beginning.

You are probably thinking “Oh swept in after Smallville, I can see that” but had I gotten of my ass and finished buying the DVDs I would have seen this Smallville already. You see I’m in Australia which means that the latest episode of Smallville is actually over a season behind the U.S. They occasionally air something simultaneously as the U.S. and then make a big deal about how you can “EXPERIENCE IT SIMULTANIOUSLY WITH THE U.S.” That is what they are doing with Jerico, you know about Jerico don’t you? You’ve heard of shows that are advertised as “LOST ON ACID!” well Jerico is “Lost that probably took some acid or something at a party Friday night, a party that lasted till sometime Sunday and is now hung over on a Monday morning as it stumbles into work.” Actually no, that implies too much excitement. It’s just “Lost that stumbled in late and tired on a Monday morning.” I so much want to like the show but its boring me to tears. The naivety of these people in the show, the country’s been nuked and they are busy playing soap opera.

I haven’t been keeping on posting all the Fury in the news links lately not that there has been a lot of new and exciting information released but I’ll be at the Game1 expo in Melbourne next weekend showing off Fury. Auran will also be at the eGames Expo at the same place two weeks later (Nov 17-19th). We have some older stuff like this German review based on seeing the game at PAX (You can make fun of this Google translation if you don’t speak German), this audio interview with Adam on Cybershack, and Adam’s latest Dev Diary is in the latest PC PowerPlay. I have a scan of it but decided not to post it. Who would want to put our crap in their rag if I just go and post scans of it instead of making you go buy the issue? I did a Dev Diary myself on designing and creating the ability icons but it sucks so I am going to redo it. It’s full of good info and insight to the process, just doesn’t have my trademark witty humor.


BugHunter said...

It's been pretty quiet on the Fury front for a little while. Even sanctuary forums went a day or two without a post. A new dev blog from you would be good to liven things up a little.

I'm not seeing a lot of hype yet for this game on the intertubes, or any marketing, or any announcements about closed beta. This leads me to speculate (someone has to do it) that we shouldn't expect Fury till at least after Q1 2007. Which will allow that WoW expansion to have had a few months to cool off making the big Auran splash have a bigger impact.

I wonder, does the game industry make any effort to schedule releases based on other games, like hollywood does? Hollywood will just sit on a finished movie to "wait for the oppotune moment", go game publishers not understand this concept and why it works?

Joseph the Fourth said...

The reason I haven't posted more, both on here and the fan sites is that every time I think, "Hey I should write a little something" I know there are so many other things I should be doing. Right now if I personally sneeze I'll blow the schedule out of wack. They have meetings about how overbooked I am.

I've recently managed to steal one of the play testers to help me get stuff done. He isn’t as fast as I am, not that I’m all that fast myself, but even if it takes him 2 weeks to do something that I could have done in a few days its 2 days I can be doing something else.

But even this was supposed to be a quick little two line post because I didn’t want to just leave you hanging but I’m already on the third paragraph. I’m going to stop now.