Sunday, August 27, 2006


MMORPG.COM has some pictures of PAX, (Penny Arcade Expo to you noobs) where you can see the Fury booth. I don’t want to imply anything, but compare the Fury Booth picture vs. the ArenaNet Guild Wars Booth picture.

Carolyn also mentions playing Fury in her coverage from the floor.

UPDATE! I was just told that Fury was also mentioned under the tournaments feature:

Fury on the other hand had no super fancy prizes. Their supremely well placed booth is in the center of everything and attracted a lot of attention, especially thanks to their two loud-mouth commentators. They simply randomly handed out loot on the first day to lucky “MVPs” of matches. Carolyn and I both played quite a bit and had a grand time, which I will get into in a more formal article later. Nonetheless, Fury looks like the ultimate game for jump in, causal, fast PvP action.

UPDATE! Dana Massey from MMORPG.COM posted her write up of Fury as part of their full coverage from the floor of the Penny Arcade expo. Few minor points were off the mark but a nice general primer.


BugHunter said...

I've seen a fair amount of comparison between Fury and Guild Wars. The Fury Sanctuary also seems full of GW players. Is that really in the best interest of Auran? I've never played GW myself, but I've also never heard anything nice about the GW player base.

Is there any relation between you and Troy Hewitt who looks to be involved in Pirates of the burning sea?

Joseph the Fourth said...

Guild Wars was viewed early on as the PvPers promised land but people haven’t been satisfied with the game, the game’s progression or AreanaNet.

Troy Hewitt, never heard of him. There is another Joseph Hewitt who did some mech type game called GearHead. I wrote him email and said hi. He hadn’t heard of me either but said that the early Battletech games I did was some of his inspirations to do a game.

A while ago I had an idea to write a post about doing an ego search for myself and finding all other people named Joseph B. Hewitt. I figured if I contacted all of them we could get together and TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

I did find a World War II memorial in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania with my grandfather’s name, Joseph B. Hewitt Jr., on it but now I can’t find it. I saved the pictures off but I can’t seem to find them either. I am pretty sure I have them on my machine at work.

Anyway this Troy guy... I should write him an email and pretend to be his long lost brother.

Troy said...

And the Hewitts shall rule the world! I'm not missing any siblings (I think). But I've never met a Hewitt I couldn't mostly tolerate.