Sunday, August 27, 2006


I just saw the latest sneak peak video for Command & Conquer 3. No, I’m not going to link it. I’m not doing anything for EA unless they are giving me lots of money to do so. If I’m going to be a hypocrite I’ll at least have to be bought first. Yeah I redid all the infantry icons for the German version of C&C: Generals for them but it paid for my trip to Disney World. If you want to see all 20 seconds of the video it you can go looking for yourself. I just wanted to say: Joe, if you’re reading this. I hope you're making EA pay through the nose!


BugHunter said...

I noticed C&C 3 somewhere the other day on the intertubes. Was wondering if you were going to make a post on it. :)

Stick to your guns Joseph.

I don't really know the C&C/Westwood saga very well, but I have to say I loved C&C Renegade, no matter who was responsible for it.

Joseph the Fourth said...

I made a post about it way back when they first announced it, just little post. But I had to say something when I saw they got Joe to come back to play Kane. They would have been stupid not to get him.

Westwood did Renegade but lets face it, it sucked. It wasn't fully baked and was one of the final nails in the Westwood's coffin. I personally wasn't involved with the project all so I shouldn't be speaking ill of what or who may or may not have been the problem.

I did watch their big game play video and noticed they kept "blinky tech." Around the time we were doing Tiberian Sun it was the big marketing thing to say your name had *SomethingStupidButCoolSounding* tech! So Adam Isgreen starting calling all the blinking lights I was putting on units and buildings "blinky tech" and it kinda stuck.

Oh thats another thing that annoys me, they arn't using the name Tiberian Twilight because marketing said it didn't test well.

BugHunter said...

I didn't play through Renegades campaign because it was lame, but the multi-player FPS with vehicles and objectives was pretty advanced for it's time. I did quit before aircraft though.