Monday, August 07, 2006

Fury-Sanctuary Interview

Fury Sanctuary Q&A #2: Joseph HewittFury-Sanctuary just posted an interview I did with them last week. In the interview I paraphrased some quotes and then challenged them to find out where they are from. Cameron has been sitting in the IRC channel this morning and says that they arn't having any luck so far. I quote Kriuq "The internet is failing me".

I also signed up for some News Alerter service at MMORPG.COM which tells me they are kicking off their brand new series of exclusive screenshots. They say I should check back every Monday for 2 new images from Fury, the new MMORPG in production at Auran. Currently they have 2 shots of the School of Life. I'm pretty sure those are the first shots of that area. They are okay, its just doesn't look as cool frozen in a screenshot after you are used to seeing it while running around and animating.


BugHunter said...

In related news, the first FURY newsletter arived today in my inbox. It looks absolutely terrible, but I strongly suspect it is because my company blocked all of the images or something like that. At the moment I can't tell what it says, so I'll check again when I get home.

BugHunter said...

From home it looks just as bad. Totally black background with the logo in the top left. 7 blue hyper-links scattered at random around the email (and barely readable considering the two colors). That's all I can see.

Joseph the Fourth said...

Hmm, the version I got at work (I signed myself up way back when) looks okay. Nothing spectacular, but okay for a newsletter.

Can you open it up and take a screenshot of how it looks for you and email it to me? Also what email programs are you viewing it in?