Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Highborn Preview

Highborn Lighting SpellSlide to Play has another preview of Highborn, again big praise for my wacky writing and even the hand-drawn maps. Though, can you consider working with the mouse in Photoshop "hand-drawn?"

Here is a short gameplay video of they posted. I have one small problem with it, which was also pointed out by one of the commenters on their site. He goes into a handful of combats, each one has 2 spell cards that come up ready to cast, but he doesn't cast them! To explain, our combat scene isn't just for show, you do have a little imput. When you attack an enemy unit on the map, it goes into a 3D scene showing a round of combat pretty much like other turn-based strategy games only in 3D. However, if you are the attacker you have the option to cast one of your combat spells which you gain from Monoliths spread across the map. Also if you are in range of a Castle, Keep or Wizard Tower they will shoot arrows or fireballs at their owners enemy.

We should be submitting just about any time now. I'm already hard at work on a few tutorial levels and Chapter Two!

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