Monday, May 11, 2009

The Straw Shooting Game

Here is the story of another little game I invented to amuse myself. About the time we were finishing up the first Command & Conquer game, I was also involved in a play in Green Valley for Theater in the Valley. They were doing the last production of the season but suddenly had problems. Memories are vague, but I think one of the actors broke an arm or leg and the director's husband was getting reassigned somewhere else and they had to move. Anyway, they HAD to do the last play in the season or they wouldn't have enough money to open the next season. They picked a play one of the directors had already directed and knew well and then called people they had already worked with and knew could memorize parts quickly. I was one such person.

The problem was that I was in crunch for Command & Conquer at Westwood and there were rehearsals every night in Green Valley which is on the opposite side of town. I was slammed and didn't really have time to eat. I wound up getting fast food for lunch from the drive through to eat at my desk. For dinner I would go through the drive through while driving across town to rehearsals.

I noticed at the drive through window; they always took your money, gave you your drink, and then it took a minute or two before your food was ready. So in the down time while waiting for your food; the game is to take the straw wrapper and shoot it back through the drive through window without it being noticed by any of the people working there. There is point scoring for what you can hit. Landing in the fryer is major points.

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Cap'n John said...

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen yesterday, and my son who was sitting next to my wife tore off half his straw wrapper then shot the other half at my daughter, who was sitting next to me.

He missed, the straw went between us and into the people at the table behind me. My wife (who is just as guilty of playing this game) turned bright red and apologized profusely to the people behind us, then she buried her head in her hands as she tried to decide whether to laugh, cry, or do both :D

Never thought about shooting the straw wrapper back through the drive-thru window though. Perhaps that's why my local drive-thru now closes its window after handing you your soda.