Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Teh Learning Curve

I may have mentioned awhile that some friends of mine in Perth were doing a game project call "Teh Learning Curve" that they were going to put up on the web. It was actually "The" at the time, but that was taken.

I wonder if they had the discussion about that rule. You know the one that says never misspell you business' name, especially the first word. That is because it make it hard for people to find you in the, well at the time the rule was coined, in the Yellow Pages. Granted, they aren't selling anything and search engines make that a little easier these days.

I think the white board that eventually appears behind the couch in later episodes has it spell "Teh" just for fun. That is probably why they went with that instead of just picking a new name. Next time however, have an idea, pick a name and see if the website is available before chiseling it in stone... or the equally solid white board.

I told them to let me know as soon as the website went live, but I have heard not a word. Not a freaking PEEP!!! I find out today they just got the second episode up. Guess they don't love me anymore and don't want the added referrals from the BILLIONS of hits that I get everyday! Actually, the average is just less than 50 hits a day. It says I'm down 23% this month too. I posted a lot more last month. Ton of hits on my resume which is good.

Okay, enough making fun. That's what they get for not telling me they launched.

The shows premise is that they have three 'industry people' on a red couch and have one of them play a game they aren't familiar with, and if possible out of their comfort zone. Then they review it.

Yes, the color of the couch is important... its the only couch they had in the office.

They had me take part in an episodes right before I left Perth. I played Call of Duty. I've not played a console first-person shooters since the original Golden Eye. It was quite the learning curve to coin a phrase. Though, I think if I had been allowed two minutes to scan the manual and see what all the buttons did, I would have eventually gotten in the swing of things. I would still rather have a mouse.

Anyway, check out the site and yell at them for not loving me anymore. So far they have done Rise of the Argonauts and Braid.


Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

Yes, I know that it would have been listed in the yellow pages as "Learning Curve, Teh"

Or would it? You think the people at the phone company printing the yellow pages are smart enough to know that "Teh" is an article? Or more importantly, have they programmed that into the computer that sorts the listings?


Cap'n John's Blog said...

I tried to play Call of Duty on the DS. Horrible control scheme. Like you, I much prefer a Mouse (and WASD) with my FPS.

Alex said...

We still luv ya Joseph. :)

Unfortunately I'm but a mere audio/video slave on the project, PR is the department of the two dudes running the show.

Your ep should be up soon (if I can find the right freakin hard drive! :P).

Glad you gave the show a plug. We've gone HD from Ep 5 (the last thing I bought when I last got paid), and I think the format is maturing to be sure.

Hope you're well, mate. And yes, I'll send you an FTP link soon for the Disney stuff (you know what I'm talking about).