Monday, April 06, 2009

Just Trying To Keep Busy

I've always invented games when bored. I think a lot of them steamed from my frustration at the lack of rules in childhood games.

cap guns"Bang! You're dead."

"No, you missed."

"No I didn't I got you!"


...and so on. Not the fun I was looking for.

Death Race 2000 posterWhen riding the bus to school, I created a game where you got points for running people over. Granted you really only pointed people out and tabulated your score; it was more like a scavenger hunt you play while riding in the car. But, I had seen the original Deathrace 2000 as a kid and I just wanted to wrap the game in a more exciting theme. It is all in the marketing, remember Guitar Hero is just a well packaged rhythm game.

I am also ashamed to admit that the spiral notebook, that my friends and I completely filled up with 'victim's' point values, was very politically incorrect and it is hopefully lost forever. Having it turn up in the middle of my 2012 Presidential Election would be bad.

Another game I invented in about the 4th or 5th grade was "Frisbee Tag" and before you point out that it should be "Frisbee Brand Flying Disc Tag" know that I renamed it "The Tron Game" after seeing the movie. I'm sure Disney's copyright lawyers (follow that link and read the story, its good if your interested in paority law history) are much more friendly than Wham-o's.

To play the game you take a bunch of Frisbee brand flying discs and throw them up into the air. Then you try to get them and throw them at other players which is okay because everybody is wearing their safety equipment. If you hit somebody they are out, unless they caught it, in which case you are out. If the Frisbee brand flying discs touches the ground first, catching it wouldn't cause the thrower to be out, but it could still tag you out. In other words if somebody skipped it off the ground, it could still tag you out but if you caught it they wouldn't be out. You could also deflect the Frisbee brand flying discs with another Frisbee brand flying discs, a rules addition added after seeing the movie Tron.

Now, I haven't created a rule system for a childhood game in quite some time. Over the last twenty-plus years I have been working for other people who have been paying to create games for them. But, now that I am currently unemployed, I find that I still have this unsatiable need to create well structured entertainment.

Stoney's North FortyThe current game I am working on involves people watching in a Country Western dance club. I've never really been into Country, Western, or dancing; but, I have been spending two nights a week, for the past 2-3 weeks, in such a club. Specifically, Stoney's North Forty in the Santa Fey hotel and casino. Basically, I am there to hang out with my friends and I do a lot of people watching.

Anyway, I haven't really nailed the game down yet, but it has something to do with watching the waitresses take orders and deliver drinks. Make that incredibly hot waitresses that wear ass-less chaps over skimpy black bikinis, remember its all in the marketing.

I should also point out that there is usually a 3 to 1, girl to guy ratio, in the club, so I am seriously thinking about learning to two-step or do a few line dances.


Rich said...

So.. when does "people watching" cross the line into perving?

Also, I'm not entirely convinced that this "Country and Western dancing club" isn't just a strip club.... :/

Looks like Vegas has a lot more going on than Perth, anyway (obviously). Hope you're enjoying it.

MM said...


you two stepping... that i'd have to see

BugHunter said...

quick quick slow slow
left right left right
quick quick slow slow
left right left right

Girls can't resist it man.

Western swing might be an easier intro dance though.

This is a funny post to be typing in my login on: a_2steppin

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

This entire post about my creativity and desire to create good solid entertainment, and nobody can get past the country western stuff! sigh.

Capn John said...

Your mission, Joseph, should you choose to accept it, is to create Diner Dash C&W, where the host now wears ass-less chaps that don't quite cover her skimpy black bikini.

Oh good, my train of thought just pulled back into the station.


A friend and I once ate lunch at his house, but then we played hooky and spent the afternoon recreating Tron using his Viewmaster discs. By the time we were finished most of the discs were destroyed, and the floor of his bedroom, living room, and the hallway in between was littered with little squares of film :P

If you threw them just right, those little discs stung!