Thursday, September 18, 2008

Showing off to Petroglyph

A bunch of ex-Westwood people that now work at Petroglyph were at the Austin Game Developer's Conference which finished today.

Marty, the CEO of the company I work for, Interzone, had called a car but then didn't need it, so he had Allan, da man, cancel it. Except when he called to do so, they told him that they were still going to charge half price for canceling at the last minute. He asked if any of use were going to the airport, and I said that I was so he told them to come pick me up instead.

I'm waiting on the corner when a few of the Petroglyph people walk up. They asked if I was waiting for a cab and I said, "No, my company had called for a car."

Just as somebody asked how things were going at Interzone, a shiny, brand new, Cadillac pulls up and the uniformed driver jumps out to take care of my bags.

"Yeah, things are going quite well. Thanks for asking."

I did fess up when I saw them at the airport. We were all flying to Vegas on the same plane and it is hard to put on airs when flying Southwest.

Granted, I was only flying Southwest because I was paying for that flight. The other flights I've been on this trip that were actually work related have been a few steps up the ladder including some upgrades to first class. I had an awesome bay view hotel room at the Marriott in San Diego. So yeah, things are going quite well at Interzone. Thanks for asking.


Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

I'm not correcting all the grammar and punctuation errors; because, it causes the the RSS to double post which makes Cam yell at me.

Capn John said...

It does? That's funny.

I wonder how many times my subscribers get multiple posts from me, because I frequently hit Post then go back and perform multiple edits.

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

I used to do the same. I would edit a post at least half a dozen times. Post - Read - Edit - Repeat. Even when I typed them up in Word and proof read them over and over, I would still find things to correct after I posted it.

Capn John said...

I had two windows open one time (actually...more than once ;): one with my Blog as other sees it, and one on the Edit Posts screen.

It's amazing how you can find mistakes in the Read-only view that you miss in the Edit view. I'd find a mistake, Edit the post, then post it. Reload the Blog screen, continue reading, find another mistake, edit, post, reload, repeat.

RSS must have been going nuts that day...those days ;)