Saturday, March 01, 2008

Minor Update

I just had a little time to kill since the new Perth Ikea isn't open on Sunday. So I updated my profile with cropped picture from the Hyper magazine article which is only a few months old and shows me with the more up to date short hair. I also moved some stuff around on the sidebar, added an Amazon Wish List link, fixed a spelling mistake, and got rid of a non-relevant link. I'm also looking into putting a RSS link up so poor little Cameron doesn't have to go through all the work of actually coming here to read these exciting updates anymore.


Andrew said...

you're using, of course you have an RSS feed :)

Open your website in any modern browser and the RSS icon lights up, pointing to:

You can always put the link on the sidebar somewhere as well, but I'm a bit surprised that Cam couldn't find it :)

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

I didn't know that either till I went and read up on it, though the help files didn't tell me much and I wasn't able to figure out how link the standard little red-square RSS image to the link so for now I just have the text thing over there.

What I really need to do is bite the bullet and rebuild the blog with the new blogger software. I've just been too lazy because I'd have to redo all the links.

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