Monday, February 04, 2008

Interzone in Perth

So here I am in Perth. I started at Interzone today. The details about our current project haven’t been released yet so I can’t give out any more details about it. Connie stayed behind in Brisbane to deal with the majority of packing, the movers and all that. She will be coming over next week on the 11th.

How did my first day go? Well it turns out today is the day that we are moving offices. Not far, just across the parking lot to another building in the same complex. My day was basically getting my computer set up, reading a bunch of design documents and wiki pages, putting up a Watchmen Windows background, having lunch and then helping move a bunch of crap in the burning Australian summer heat. Well at least Perth’s heat isn’t like Brisbane heat with the God awful humidity. I hate humidity. Perth heat is more like Vegas heat, still sucks but at least you don’t have to peal your cloths off with a butter knife at the end of the day.

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsI finally figured out my iPod radio adapter doesn’t work in the rental car’s cigarette lighter. It was hard to tell at first because after sitting in the hot car for over a year the digital display that shows what station it is broadcasting on has fried. The display is now always blank. So you have to step through the stations slowly while it is hooked up to find the iPod’s broadcast. I finally noticed that the battery on the iPod wasn’t charging. Luckily I also brought the last Harry Potter book on CD so I am finally getting to listen to that while driving around looking for an apartment or house to rent.

Speaking of which, I’m not having much luck with finding a place. It isn’t like the states where you just grab a For Rent magazine and cruise by the various apartment complexes over the weekend. No here you have to contact which ever real estate agent has the listing, find out what day the 15-30 minute window they are showing the apartment is on, fill out an application and then hope the owner picks yours. Every apartment is individually owned by somebody or a investment company. There aren’t any evil giant corporations that own entire apartment complexes. (As we all know all corporations are evil and 9 out of 10 corporate CEO have murdered at least one person. Really, Hollywood wouldn’t lie to us.) Even the brand new giant skyscraper apartment complexes have each unit individually owned. Anyway on top of all that I don’t really know the city so I don’t know where the good and bad neighborhoods are.

Oh well, at least I got the internet connection working in my room.

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