Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fury Unleashed & Pancakes!

Fury BoxI was going to put up a counter on here for Fury's release but its all still kind of nebulous. What it comes down to is that Fury will be out sometime between 12:00 Noon PDT October 16th and Friday depending on if you bought it online versus when various stores stock their shelves.

Now 12:00 Noon PDT is 5:00 AM October 17th here in Australia. Some of us are meeting at Pancake Manor for breakfast at 4:00 AM because... well... pancakes man! PANCAKES!

Pancake Manor is actually a converted church. It was originally St Luke's, a Romanesque Church built in 1904 and designed by J.S. Murdoch. It was lovingly refurbished in 1979 into the Pancake Manor (I think the sign out front actually says Pancake Cafe).

I have to wonder what somebody who went to that church over 100 years ago would think if was sitting there, saying the Lord's Prayer or some such, and suddenly had a vision of the future. Can you imagine him telling people that he had been given a vision by the Lord and the Lord's message was, "Would you like sausage or bacon with that?" Oh you can just imagine the war and strife that would follow from that!

Actually it would probably be more of exactly what we already have today. The general divide between the sausage or bacon factions. Then more trouble with the sub-factions arguing about crispy bacon versus chewy, some big war with the sausage patty versus link split. All that trouble with everybody forgetting about the main point of it all which is the PANCAKES!

So anyway, Fury is finally hitting the shelves. When you aren't stuffing your face full of pancakes I highly recommend picking up a copy. I fully expect to see the Sausage versus Bacon clans represented in full force in the game.


wind said...

I'm sleeping at work. I'll wake at 5am in order to arrive at work at 5am. Screw pancakes.

Andrew Herron said...

did you know there's a nice little bar downstairs at the pancake manor? Almost nobody does, which makes it a fun place to hang out on Friday nights with a few mates :)

j said...

It might be called the pancake manor, but its all about the waffles...

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

I've seen the bar during trips downstairs to the bathroom, but I have never actually seen any people in the bar.

I haven't tried the waffles yet.

I used to have a rule in Vegas when we would go to casino coffee shops for late night breakfasts. The rule was that if there were a lot of people in my party, order French Toast over pancakes. The reason being is both are quick to make and usually wind up sitting while they make the food for the rest of the people at the table. When Pancakes sit they get rubbery fast while French Toast can take the wait.

Pancake Manor doesn't offer French Toast... or Freedom Toast as Steven Colbert would call it.

BugHunter said...

Where did all these people come from?

Welcome to the blog of "The Fourth" people. :)

Good luck today with the launch.

Failures: 0

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

Alex, our community manager for Fury, linked this post in the latest news letter.