Friday, August 03, 2007

This just in... again...

Well I guess the announcement is out regardless that there was no announcement because the credit list for Fury went around the office today so everybody could proof-read their names. All the new promotions were in the credits so I guess I can put back the post I made before:
We had some promotions go around the office. Adam is now the Creative Director. Cameron and I have split the Lead Designer into Lead Content Designer for me (yay me) and Lead System Designer for him. Also Connie got promoted to Quality Assurance Manager.

I am doing what I’ve been doing; except now I am also responsible for more things. I am now the guy who gets blamed for the crap that sucks (like that wasn’t already happening) I also get to wade through the *Designer bug list and assigning them to the right people. I also have to get up a half hour earlier to be here in time for the Leads meeting. I’m serious… a half and hour EARLIER! You know I used to believe that mornings were something that happened to other people.

I would ramble on some more but I can’t actually see at the moment. I just got back from the optometrist and even with this zoomed to 500 percent I can barely read what I am typing.
In other news, this went out today:

Cyberathlete Professional League
Brisbane, Australia – August 1, 2007 – After a highly successful showing at Gamecock’s E.I.E.I.O. in California and a packed debut preview weekend, Auran, developers of the upcoming player versus player massively multiplayer online title, Fury, are excited to announce a partnership with the kings of competitive gaming – the Cyberathlete Professional League. MORE
And and the eyesight is fine now. I guess a few people misunderstood what I was saying. My eyesight was blurry because the optometrist put in those drops that dilate your pupils so he could shine can a really bright light into them and see the back of your eyeballs. They take about 3 hours to wear off. Loads of fun.

Speaking of fun, I actually chickened out today. An email went around that the profanity filter wouldn't working for awhile (though the CSR's are still on to BAN you if you get out of line so don't go getting any ideas) and I really wanted to reply to the email with just the word "FUCK!"


BugHunter said...

Congratulations on the job upgrade!


Joseph the Fourth said...

Thank ya!

BugHunter said...

So I tried to play Fury during the open invite weekend. I got it all downloaded on my wife's laptop. It being newer, I was optimistic that I might could coax it into running.

Just a black screen. I'm not too surprised with a mobile ATi video card (m200) with 128 MB of RAM.


I did try though.

I have one more vacation this summer, in a couple of weeks. I'll build a new computer after that, then try even harder to get in the closed beta (I'll even settle for that Fury Challenge...whatever that turns out to be) and get my Fury on.

Failures: 1